Botanical Salt Soaks

Botanical Salt Soaks

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Himalayan Pink Salt + Rose--- The wide array of minerals released into the tub from raw Himalayan Salt will absorb into your skin, restoring regenerative microminerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc and zinc

Floral Salt Soak--- A rose and lavender infused sea salt blend for deeply detoxing impurities from the body. Rose and Lavender petals steep into the bath water releasing the healing, soothing benefits.

Lava Salt---The wildly rich nutrients of black Hawaiian lava salt seep into your bath water, dissolving a detoxifying cloud of activated charcoal and flower petals. Soothe sore muscles and enrich your body with the profuse minerals.

Kelp + Coconut-- A nourishing, moisturizing blend of coconut milk powder- rich in amino acids- and mineral rich sea kelp. 

4 oz

Use:  Add a handful of salt blend to a warm bath.

Ingredients: Hawaiian lava salt, lavender petals, rose petals, calendula petals, chamomile petals.

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