Moisturizing Whipped Salt Scrub

Moisturizing Whipped Salt Scrub

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Whipped salt, shea butter and castile soap scrub infused with essential oils and botanical extracts for absorption and added nutrients. Our castile soap base cleans while rich shea butter moisturizes, and dead sea salt sloughs away dead skin. 

4 oz

Use: While showering, massage into warm, damp skin in circular motions. Rinse well.

Ingredients: Shea butter, castile soap, dead sea salt, botanical clays, powders and extracts, essential oil

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Pink Salt- A blend of grapefruit essenital oil for uplifting, enerfgizing aromatherapy, and rose clay for moisturizing and nutirents.

Sea- Lavender and Lime essential oils for a breezy, calming, soothing effect. Seaweed powder and bentonite clay work to really detox impurities, drawing them out from deep within your pores.

Orange Ginger- A zesty orange burst of essential oil, cell regenerative Sea Buckthorn- which gets absobed readily in a warm shower, and added exfoliation from orange peel granules.

Lavender- Calming and nourishing Lavender essential oil works to calm inflamed cells, and alleviate stress and anxiety.