FACE time

A Routine/ Regimen for Healthy Skin


While eating clean, H2o and sleeping habbits own their share of responsibilities for healthy, radiant skin, hygiene and protection have their place in the continual balance to perfection.

Our ingredients are weighed, individually, based on a value of purity, impact of circulation back into the natural world, and beneficial components. Each one is just as important as the others. So, instead of making claims about the powers of one, magical  ingredient and masking the other hundred in scientific jargon for the sake of deception, we dig deep into the depths of natural phenomena and select all of the components of our precious formulas for their benefits to you and to the earth. Nothing is added for shelf life, color, fragrance, longevity, consistency, texture, or profit. Therefore, what gets absorbed into the pores of your face, travels into your bloodstream and gets dispersed into various parts of your body is made to do so. Food for your skin.

Step 1.  Cleanse

Balancing Honey Cleanser / Mud Cleanser

While we are most acustomed to the lathering part of the cleanse, it is not exactly beneicial or necessary. It is important to truly lift debris and really clean unwanted bacteria, but often lathering is the result of ingredients with an alkaline ph which dry out skin and/or worse, chemical detergents which irritate and inflame skin. 

Our Mud Cleanser is made with an absorbant, mineral rich clay and gentle lavender water. Made to gently pull debris and excess oil from the skin without irritating. When rinsed, your face will feel clean, smooth, and ready for step 2.

Step 2.  Tone

Our Rose Petal hydrosol has all of the essential elements of a fantastic toner. The natural properties of bulgarian rose are moisturizing, oil balancing, ant-inflammatory, antibacterial and calming. We intentionally choose to leave these properties untouched and forgo the addition of irritating alcohols. As it is, it is a gentle, purifying, calming step to balanced skin.

Step 3. Restore Vitality

Luminescent Face Serum / Petal Face Cream

Even after the gentle applications of the previous steps, this one is necessary for replenishing the proper balance of nourishing lipids, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants and further protection from the elements to the skins layers after cleansing.

Luminescent delivers multiple layers of balance to the skin. In a base of Jojoba- an oil that mimics Sebum- the secretion of facial pores, key nutrients like Vitamin C and A which are known to promote elasticity, are easily absorbed. The benefits of this oil are a blog post in itself. But for time's sake, this is a step to balance the oil production of faces in all stages of life. The concentration of nutrients is intentionally rich and made for a luxurious experience.

Step 4.  Exfoliate

Jojoba Sandalwood Scrub

Occasionally, a level of build-up or flaking skin occurs regardless of our best efforts to keep everything smooth and under control. Unlike commercial exfoliators, our Jojoba bead, Sandalwood saw-dust powder infusion is a pillowy blend of gentle, naturally exfoliating ingredients. This is a combination of premium ingredients suited to exfoliate gently but effectively. The Jojoba beads are a natural, environmentally friendly, curved wax. They are skin friendly, and do not tear or irritate the skin during application. Sandalwood powder has been used for centuries in skincare. The fine fibers of the powder are absorbent and draw out impurities without irritating.

It is a good idea to exfoliate at least once a week. Depending on the build up and/or flaking skin you may need to add this to your ritual every other day.

Step 5.  Mask

Nourish- A step that adds all of the bio-nutrients of ground botanicals to a weekly routine. Once a week it is beneficial to add an additional level of anti-inflammatory and nutrient dense ingredients to your skin.

Purify- Once a week, a deeply detoxifying mask is refreshing and key to finding balanced, skin health. Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay pull everything from heavy metals to blockages from pores. Recharge with a clean, fresh face once a week and see results.

Hydrate- Fruit enzymes gently work with alpha hydroxy acids to lift dead cells and build up in a non-abrasive and completely natural experience, while coconut oil and chamomile extract calm and hydrate the skin in this weekly treat for all skin types.


Natural fibers like cotton and bamboo fleece, sea sponges and 100% wool are all ways to exfoliate as well. Keeping cloths clean by hand-washing and rinsing with vinegar will also help resist bacterial growth.

"Every dewdrop and raindrop had a whole heaven within it."  -  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Every dewdrop and raindrop had a whole heaven within it."
-  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We are not doctors, this is simply an obsession or passion that has lead to a lot of research and something I am always open to discussing with anyone! But please consult a professional if necessary and take this advise for what it is- my humble opinion. 


megan taber