Ray Warrior | Plant Makeup

Ray Warrior | Plant Makeup


A creamy, muted pigment made entirely from natural elements, formulated to confidently protect the delicate layers of skin on your face. In three, concentrated shades you will find a nourishing blend of easily absorbed, non-pore-blocking oils and butters that work against environmental damage. Your skin will have the protection it needs, moisturizing pigment to conceal blemishes, and nothing but natural, plant-based ingredients to nourish your complexion.

1 oz

INGREDIENTS: non-nano zinc oxide, sichi inchu oil, murumuru butter, babassu butter, carrot seed oil, bentonite clay, french yellow clay, rose clay, australian baige clay, geranium essential oil, sea buckthron oil

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In three shades of nude:

Light- compliments fair, pink based skin tones

Medium- blends in with a spectrum of skin-tones from fair to olive tones.

Dark- a deeper, cocoa color that will blend in with darker skin tones