Man Mist | Natural Cologne

Man Mist | Natural Cologne


Step out of your house with a fearless gaze and a wildly furled brow, captivating unknowing strangers with the freshest scent of timber, stacked wood, and travel the path less traveled. 

This special formula of pure, masculine essential oils and herbal waters is safe enough to mist directly on your face, body and clothes. Leave a distinct, grizzled scent in your wake, and have everyone guessing where this wild man came from and where is he going next?

4 oz

Use: Mist generously to evoke your inner grizzly.

Ingredients: Distilled water, witch hazel, pure therapuetic grade esssential oils

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Wood Pile-

Even if you have never split a round of wood in your life, rest assured that after Misting your flannel with this concoction, you will take on the day like brazen lumberjack. Woody notes of cedarwood combine with hints of citrus and a hint of fir needle essential oils.

Mountain Moon-

Come about like the silver moon, glowing almighty in the night sky. A fresh forested medly of fir needle and low notes of lavender and sage.