Cold Process Soap

Cold Process Soap


Each batch of our soap is made by hand with completely natural ingredients, poured in small batches in our studio, and cut and wrapped with great care.

Our selection often changes!

Sea-- A blend of sea weed and salt, essential oils of: lavender, lime

Pink Salt + Grapefruit-- Rose clay for detoxing the skin, pink grapefruit for uplifting the senses

Lavender-- A calming blend of rich botanical oils, lavender buds and essential oil.

Detox-- An intensive cleanse powered by the magnetic draw of activated charcoal. Cleanse and rinse away impurities. Fir needle, mint, cedar, and lime essential oils.

Flor-- a fragrant blend of ylang ylang, plumeria and honeysuckle essential oils topped with flower petals

Citrus Scrub-- an exfoliating and bright lather, with a base of lemon essential oil

Back Country-- A breeze from the mountains- fir needle, cedarwood, frankincense, tea tree and lavender essential oils

Hopps- Unscented but the warm scent of grains will strike a note as the rich lather of real brewed barley, hopps and malt grains take on fresh life.

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